Manuka Emporium Manuka Honey MGO 263+ 400G VINTAGE - 2018 RM365.00

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Manuka Emporium Manuka Honey MGO 263+ 400G VINTAGE - 2018

Product overview

Flavor - Woody and toffee notes, medium consistency and lasting taste.
Package Type - Glass Jar
About this item:
Daily Wellness - Our Vintage Grade Mānuka Honey is a wonder gifted by Nature and crafted by Man. Mānuka Honey with a MGO rating of 250+ or above are considered medicinal grade. Research has found that Mānuka Honey can reduce the growth of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Added to the anti-inflammatory properties that Mānuka Honey has, it makes it a great ingredient for boosting your immune system.

Honey Vintage – Like wine, the vintage records the year of harvest, and the character of the honey is a reflection of both the region and the environmental conditions of the season. A 2018 Vintage means the honey was harvested in New Zealand's Summer, between October 2018 and March 2019

Authenticity - 100% harvested and bottled in New Zealand. As proof of authenticity, all our releases are independently tested by a New Zealand government accredited laboratory, ensuring certification and authenticity in every jar you purchase.

Small Batch & Single Region - The same type of honey from different regions will have subtle differences. Our honey is carefully harvested in small batches and is not blended or mixed with honey from other areas. Like wine, from a single vineyard.

As this is a product direct from nature, slight flavor or color variations are part of its beauty.

Every jar of Mānuka Emporium Manuka honey is independently tested and guaranteed to contain at least 263mg Methylglyoxal per 1kg (2.2lbs) of honey.

Harvested and bottled in New Zealand.


  • MGO 263+

What's in the box

  • Manuka Emporium Manuka Honey MGO 263+ 400G VINTAGE - 2018 x 1 unit

  • Complementary Manuka Emporium wooden spoon x 1 unit

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